Uktena - The Rattle-snake Dragon from Native American Folklore.

Uktena – I really like these creatures for the gem on their forehead, but I already have tons of snake monsters, antlered monsters, gem monsters and creatures that lure others toward their doom, so nothing really to make Uktena stand out from them.

Griffin by NathanParkArt

Griffin by NathanParkArt

Rattle Snakes

Two timber rattlesnakes on the trail to Cimarron Cito camp in battle that lasted over 2 hours.

Turn to Stone by Alex Nunez Medusa w Snakes Tattoo Artwork Canvas Fine Art Print:

Title: Turn to Stone Artist: Alex NunezMade-to-order giclee fine art reproductions on canvas featuring the original artwork of today's hottest tattoo artists.

Ogopogo (Native American) - The evil variant of the Mokele-Mbembe, the evil Nessie. These resemble prehistoric marine reptiles known as the Elasmosaurus, but like the sturgeon they are covered (only  their spine though) in hard armor-like plates. They are natural cowards and flee when battles go against them, they are also very elusive and enigmatic.

Mythological creature from Polynesian legend drawn for Pay Master Games. This is a concept design for a miniature. Their table top RPG project is now on Kickstarter!

alien_force_by_leonardovincent-d87cnqx.jpg (2480×15508)

the 10 ben 10 alien force aliens (in intro order) i think everyone would agree that this set of aliens is way brighter and colourful compared t.