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Mesa Verde National Park, CO - visit the impressive and historical Mesa Verde National Park in Cortez, CO | rvidaloca.com

Vocabulary workbook integration Anasazi dwelling at Mesa Verde, Colorado

The Moundbuilders

OOPARTS: Study of Hidden Archaeology - Episode Four - Who were the Moundbuilders?

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (1996) Video Clip - Zaire

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Adena Burial Mound Illustration - CC Week 18

Understanding the prehistoric Adena Culture as part of Ohio and the Mound Builders.


Painting from the Ancient Ohio art series depicting an Early Woodland/Adena BC - AD gathering at a ceremonial earthwork in the Hocking River Valley.

This video provides a lot of information about Prince Henry the Navigator. Like the fact that he was a Portuguese royal prince and soldier. Prince Henry the Navigator directed explorations motivated by Christian missionary zeal, the excitement of discovery, and a thirst for wealth.

Week 26 Day 4 Prince Henry the Navigator 1 (note: I have not viewed this yet - use discretion)

Site with detailed information about Buddhism

wk Site with detailed information about Buddhism

The Choctaw Indians were the first to travel the "Trail of Tears" in 1831, followed by the Cherokee.  This picture thanks to danielnpaul.com

Cherokee Indian - Trail of tears.Georgia to Oklahoma where many died along the way. I am of Cherokee heritage and I live on land that I own in north Georgia once inhabited by a Cherokee village or hunting camp. I take great pride my Cherokee heritage.

Mystery of the Anasazi - Ancient History Documentary

the Anasazi had established some of the first identifiable villages in the American Southwest, where they hunted and grew crops of corn, squash a.

Ethiopia - travel and tourism

Crystalline Studios filmed a site inspection for World Travel Vignettes in 2006 to promote tourism to Ethiopia, and edited this promotional video for WTV's t.