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Resultatet 8 månader efter en hårtransplantation med FUT metoden (strip). April 2012

Guide about the best hair transplant

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Recetas caseras y trucos para acelerar el crecimiento del cabello

Trucos para acelerar el crecimiento del cabello

Finally an option to get quality hair color at home! Don't worry about hair color coupons! Salons DO NOT want you to know about this option!

Love Magnolias. May finish mine off very similiar to this one!!!

Plum blossom tattoo done by Byron Francis in Mobile, AL. Beautiful, but I love magnolia blossoms :)

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The Novel Formula - A Novel Writing Method: Step Five Character Viewpoints This is a really fun step, in which you get inside the skin.

Mascarilla REAFIRMANTE Aceite de Oliva y Romero

Najlepšie Detoxic Spôsoby, Ako Detox Prirodzene - Továreň na Zdravie

You Don't Take Good Care of Yourself  You are intense and over the top. You are more likely to overdo things than to under-do them. You tend to take on too much in your life, and you end up suffering for it. You don't know how to moderate.  You are highly determined and motivated. You know what you want, why you want it, and how you're going to get it. While your determination gets you far, it also burns you out. You often don't get the rest or balance you need in life.

If not managed properly, stress can wreak havoc on your body. has 6 Moves to Help You Unwind.