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Maybe I am the only one who has appreciated your recorded big mouth. " Living proof you said it all.

Fucking seriously. And when you find out your father voted for a sexual predator and a fucking complete moron, you can't help but be ashamed.

(check) Demonize and shut down the Free Press, (check) Claim they are above the Law, (check) Build their own private Praetorian Guard (private army) that is answerable *only* to him.

this is FYI but I got a kick out of the photo --either way, black or white, he's a pretty good lookin' guy

That is to say that if Obama LOOKED white. He did, after all, have a white mother.

Not just Obama it would be any other candidate as well, I don't see what some people see in him besides WWIII

Not just Obama but any other candidate, I dont see wht people c in him besides WWIII

He cannot tell the difference between fact and fiction!

I cannot tell a lie - Washington; I cannot tell the truth - Nixon; I cannot tell the difference - Trump

Who's only slightly more rational and less impulsive than Trump, and now we're at the mercy of two malignantly narcissistic sociopaths playing chicken. We're screwed.

Donald Trump - One of these men is a mentally unstable leader with Borderline Personality Disorder who is also an Egomaniac. The other is Kim Jong Un.