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Yesssss me toooooooo

Has happened to me today already<<<lol yep do that ALL the time (Try Not To Laugh Teenager Posts)


I hate it when ppl ask if I play basketball.just cuz im only 15 and doesn't mean I play basketball.I just play volleyball


I do this all the time especially in math class some kids understand I don't and when my techer explains it to me I still wont understand it so might as well just say yea I get it!

I Swear this is so true

Teenager Post *Buying stuff at the store* CASHIER: "Are you buying all these :)" Me: "No, I'm stealing them. I just wanted to show you first.


This happened today and My eyes went huge and I had this look on my face like holy what? And I'm just like YAS. I'm a professional ninja.