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Circus Girls of Florida State University, 1952

Circus Girls, Florida State University, 1952 Loved the Flying High Circus! Learned how to juggle in the there!

vintage everyday: Acrobats, date unknown

Black and White vintage History acrobat contortionist weird vintage acrobats contortionists

Belmonte Cristiani performing a back somersault from front horse to back. Cole Brothers Circus 1940s.

Belmonte Cristiani performing a back somersault from front horse to back.

Circus Act  ... I like the look of the ropes in the back... almost ship-like

Circus Act performer on horse. please stop the abuse of circus animals by boycotting current circuses that use animals in their acts!


Athletes, Ol, Basketball, Netball

So not actually a rodeo performer but a circus one, still... and note, she's performing this trick sidesaddle and in heels. Take that Roy Rogers!

Circus equestrienne - amazing riding, pity she couldn't hang on by something other than the poor horses mouth though

Vintage Lion taming its a circus and one I want to be at.

Items similar to Carnival vintage photograph - Adjie the Lion Tamer. Vintage Circus Photograph Reproduction black and white. circa - on Etsy

Cute Halloween kid and dog

Vintage style circus ephemera or photobooth ideas. Harlequiin or clown vintage style photo. Dog in ruffled collar and child in pointy cone hat. dog and boy vintage clowns

Nino the clown on the high wire, showing that his costume lets him do anything he needs to do for the act.

Nino on the High Wire with the family circus. (The tightrope walker star of the act is on the platform on the left.