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Ok... I love them so fucking much❤   Sasuke x Sakura

My old OTP, before I realized NaruHina is life (oppose me and die). Still fangirl over them every once in a while though. NaruHina is SO cute! But I also really love SasuSaku

Kakashi and Sakura. I've never shipped these two but I thought this was cute. Couldn't help myself.

A nice mentor/student relationship **platonic** (dont put none of that kakusaru or whatever next to ne)

MandurPandur : Photo

leelooface: “ KakaSaku Week Day Cat and Dog If one thing were for certain, it was that ninken and ninneko would never get along. About the only thing Pakkun and Yuurei could agree on was that their.

いまさらナルトにはまり、アニメdvd中忍試験の第三試験予選までみてる。 とりあえず 年の差!!年の差!! うっひょひょふお

いまさらナルトにはまり、アニメdvd中忍試験の第三試験予選までみてる。 とりあえず 年の差!!年の差!! うっひょひょふお

When She is Irritated by ZhaoLuna.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Kakashi knows when he's done something to piss her off. When She is Irritated