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Det finns många intelligenta svenskar!

Det finns många intelligenta svenskar!

I'm Swedish and I'm a little offended..... if someone bumps in to me I just say "Men de vad då de själva faan. Vad i helvete göra du din jävla fitta!" Hahhahhahha lol

A lesson in Swedish. This is from the book: Sweden - The Secret Files by Communications expert Colin Moon. So true!

Roliga Skyltar

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If it wasn't for my perception and fast reaction I would have been attacked with a knife 2 days ago...

Some statistics: of men didn't notice King Kong is on the picture. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

Kastade kebabsås

Haha if you people out there underwood what it said!

KM045 - Klistermärke - Varning för chef

051 - Varningsskylt - Varning för höns

Skärmavbild 2015-11-26 kl. 15.24.52

17 av de bästa citaten i svensk historia

The funny thing is, I'm not making this up

The funny thing is, I'm not making this up


Red ticket applies only or occasionally during some big holidays and tuesday-september.


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