Art whimsy... i am so doing this with Bricks or Rocks or some such in my landscape!  Maybe at work!

10 Wonderful and Cheap DIY Idea for Your Garden 10

little whimsical surprises around every corner of your garden tOO.just like the WONDROUS chalk drawn adventures of sluggo in his street the AMAZING david zinn! pleeeeeeeease click through for more WILDLY creative and adorable photos!


David Zinn on his fb: "This one was easier to appreciate alongside the full chaotic splendor of Tangle. but I was too proud of my ribbon work to not take a photo. — with Sluggo at Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park.

Sluggo’s car: sunroof not optional. Even with a spokespig, Sluggo had trouble getting noticed at the Rolling Sculpture Car Show. Rock Paper Scissors gift shop, Ann Arbor, Michigan (July - street art by David Zinn

Trick Of The Eye' – Die 3D-Wandmalerei des John Pugh : misterhonk.

Optical illusion mural on the side of Taylor Hall at California State University, Chico; Painted by John Pugh, with the help of some fellow art students, the mural was part of an art project for college credit.

David Zinn

David Zinn - At Graphic Art Wholesaler/The Art Spot - September 2015

David Zinn at Avalon Ann Arbor Cafe & Kitchen.

Inaugural meeting of the Nocturnal Wildlife Steampunk-Goth Appreciation Society New September 13