70+ Sidewalk Chalk Art Of Sluggo By David Zinn | Amazing Street Art Collection

Anyone who can guess the lame pun behind this drawing wins the terrible knowledge that their sense of humor is as shamelessly awkward as mine. Ann Arbor Farmers Market, Michigan (May - street art by David Zinn

Enjoying winter in Ann Arbor is next to impossible. Luckily, that’s where Sluggo spends most of his time. Demonstrating that enjoying the weather is 99% attitude and 1% lime-green Speedo. Sam's Store grocery shop, Ann Arbor, Michigan (February 12, 2014) - street art by David Zinn

Do you remember Sluggo, a bright green inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we wrote about almost two years ago? Chalk-drawn by a local artist David Zinn, this

by David Zinn: Sidewalk Chalk Art for St. Pat's Day

Adventures of David Zinn's Street Art Characters Sluggo & Philomena

Catsitting Mediumfar Lores || David Zinn || Ann Arbor summer festival installations || 2012-2014

David Zinn - With Sluggo at Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park.

street art by David Zinn (June 16, 2013)

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Amazing Street art of David Zinn Sluggo 432 Sidewalk Chalk Art Of Sluggo By David Zinn

We already talked about the chalk street art by illustrator David Zinn (see here) who has fun staging his character Sluggo and all his friends in adorable adventures. Here is today a new selection of his chalk creations achieved directly on the floor and walls, playing with talent and humor with perspectives, reliefs and the elements of the street…

Chalk Street Art – 37 new adorable creations by David Zinn and his Sluggo

Artists Lights Up City Streets With Amazing Chalk Art Featuring Cute Animals and a Green Monster! Chalk art by David Zinn (hva)