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Me aquarius :)

It literally happened a few seconds ago. Someone just closed some websites on my iPad and now I'm being cold.


Have to add that the last part is only the case in the extremest of circumstances. The first part is pretty on the spot; I do go right when everyone else goes left (or the other way around.


I am very snuggly though so the needy part doesnt bother me. I love affection. otherwise, spot on!


This is why I work so hard to provide for my family and give them the things they need and want. I wish my wife understood this about me.

So true. I love to write http://www.loapowers.com/develop-a-burning-desire-for-having-more-money/

Im not big on Astrology, but i can agree that im a writer! Ive written (&& recorded) sooo many songs. Ive done over 100 poems and won awards for at shows. I can vouch for this!

My greatest weakness was exposed when I lost control because I loved you more than anyone or anything and you hurt me more than you will ever realize

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So true... sad but true.....

Learning to transcend this limitation. as one gets older, this will kill you if you don't.