An old photograph of the Native American known as Wolf Robe - Southern Cheyenne 1898 [B].

[Native American with a Medal of President Garfield] William Henry Jackson  (American, 1843–1942) Date: 1890–1910 Medium: Photochrom

Antique prints of Apache Chief James A. Garfield, American Indians Series from Detroit Photographic Co, 1899

Fire Lightning Wakinyan Peta (c1835-c1909). Also known as Blue Cloud. Oglala: Wablenica. Born about 1835; father was a Cheyenne and mother a Lakota. Fire Lightning married about 1862 to Road Canku. He hunted with the southern Oglala on Republican River area during the 1870s and achieved some status as a minor headman. Had at least five children but I do not have any of their names yet. He died sometime between 1907 and 1910. (Ephriam on

DAKOTA SIOUX~ "Fire Lightning" Dakota Sioux Native American man,wearing a bone breastplate. ~Photographed by: Charles Milton Bell,

Hin-ma-toe Ya-lut-kiht (aka Thunder Rolling Over The Mountains, aka Chief Joseph, aka Joseph II) the son of Tu-eka-kas (aka Shooting Arrow, aka Joseph I) – Nez Perce – 1903

Stunning image of Joseph, a Nez Perce Indian Chief. It was taken in 1903 by Edward S. The image shows Chief Joseph, half-length portrait, facing front, wearing warbonnet and several necklaces.

SIOUX NATIVE AMERICAN, c1900. Samuel American Horse, an Oglala Sioux Native American, from Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show. Photograph by Gertrude Käsebier, c1900.

Samuel American Horse of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, taken by photographer Gertrude Kasebier around 1900

Wolf Robe by F. Rinehart, 1898 ~ “Wolf Robe was a Southern Cheyenne chief and a holder of the Benjamin Harrison Peace

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