Because of many, many questions about mountains in my "Map of Eltar" picture, this is a simple tutorial about how to draw the mountains with a pencil in. 3 steps - How to draw the mountains.

Really inspired!

Pen Ink Depictions of Trees Sprouting into Animals by Alfred Basha

Drawing from earlier today.  #illustration #mountains #art

Drawing from earlier today. Great tattoo idea but have hands cupping a forest valley as if the hands were the mountains

How to draw a tree tutorial

How To Draw A Tree -

How To Draw A Tree: Step by step tutorial with photos showing how to draw seven different trees.

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It's very helpfull for people who finds hard to drow shoes someone is like me.How to draw shoes (flip flops, geta, and high heels) by JY/circus-usagi (How to draw feet +shoes) on World Manga Academy

Comment dessiner un arbre (un feuillu) ?

40 Easy Step By Step Art Drawings To Practice

階段の描き方(手描きパースの描き方) l 手描きパースの描き方ブログ、パース講座(手書きパース)


The mountains are calling!

6 Mountain Ranges - By Hand

These are interesting designs utilizing the illustrations of mountains. The text that says "Mountains" at the top works well with the overlap of the mountain.