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Im still confused about my family ; my mom told me that someone I call my aunt is so far removed that I could legally marry them

Happy Veterans Day!

The History of American Wars - Veterans Day * Read new book by John Macdonald The United States Of Israel * It says Jewish Mafia and Italian Mafia Greg Borowik and Francine Hamelin did stock markets trades TD Waterhouse Montreal, planned 3

Morse code. . . U thought of Leo when u saw this, huh? :) <-- yes. Yes I did. And now, I am drowning in feels.

So I can go translate "Shot at the Night" even tho I already know what it says haha>>----Everyone in the Heroes of Olympus/Percy Jackson fandom should learn: I love you in Morse code.

Handling your change. #preppers #preppertalk

Handling your change. Each year, the United States Mint makes between 14 billion and 20 billion circulating coins - metal detecting tips

13 Cool Psychology Tricks You Need To Try

Funny pictures about Some Psychology Tricks You Need To Try. Oh, and cool pics about Some Psychology Tricks You Need To Try. Also, Some Psychology Tricks You Need To Try photos.

Morse Code for Kids and Morse Code Alphabet | Ency123 - Learn, Create, Have Fun

In an American artist sailed home from Europe. His name was Samuel Morse. The journey on the ship was to change Samuel Morse’s life.



Human Villain 1/2

Human Villain 1/2

This fits so many of our boards!!  spiritual writing | writing tips | editing tips | new authors | author productivity

My Life of Writing: Ten Commandments of Writing Fiction. The Eleventh Commandment is to proofread Commandment

They 'save' drowning sailors! And over the years they develop gills... Mermaid origin story!!!!!

I take issue w the first one because immortal =/= able to regenerate limbs. But the underwater vampires are awesome.<<<vampires do heal really fast tho so