The beauty of Black Cats.

Bach is an adoptable Bombay Cat in Baton Rouge, LA. Bach is gorgeous and seriously seriously sweet! Contact Project Purr if you are interested in adopting this sweet kitty!

Beautiful Black Cat

Beautiful black cat, Black cats are considered LUCKY, by many cultures, I have had four over the years and they have brought great love, companionship and joy into my life. I don't feel just lucky to encounter a Black cat I feel privileged.

It's like a wand, but better.

We Know Your Fave "Harry Potter" Character Based On The Cat You Choose

There is no such thing as bad luck with black cats as everything is merely based on superstition.

Miss my Bella!!!

Miss my Bella!!!

* * I toles yoo to get yer immunization fer Shingles. Nowz dat yoo have de disease, yoo haz to sleep on de roof."

Our Halloween mention of regal Black Cats wouldn’t be complete without paying homage to an integral member of the Royal Family. When Alexandra Von CatsCliff was selected as a member of King Marin’s.

Black cat

Black cat

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** "Yer gonna startz lecture 'bouts stayin' out allz night? Me hadz a Dudectomy. Wut yoo frettin' about?

are there sardines in the offing ? .

[In memory of our cat Onyx. In March when she was 3 years old, she walked away one day and was never seen again!] ** This is why ear-chipping saves pets' lives.