Inspiração de cor e/ou corte de cabelo

Give our hair a dark and mysterious look with this awesome Manic Panic Classic Semi Permanent Hair Dye in the Voodoo Forest exclusive shade.

I POSITIVELY want to have this color one day.

Ultimate Teal Ombre Hair Color

The 14 Prettiest Pastel Hair Colors on Pinterest

[–]VahnyaSlightly wavy, teal, mid-back length 12 points 8 hours ago Punky colour Alpine Green Mixed with Punky Colour Turquoise.

M E R M A I D S are R E A L

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"Did you steal back your jacket?" Lottie asked her. "It'll look much better once I give it back to you," Jessie winked at Lottie with a smirk. And Thea saw Lottie's face light up.

Hair color, colored hair, green hair, hair bun...probably never do it but ooh pretty!

that is some friggin sweet hair. i wish i had the balls to color it to that extreme. and i love the color teal. more so toward a darker teal like this.

blue hair; turquoise #hair

blue hair; turquoise #hair