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Chanyeol trying to cheat in broad daylight. Have some restraint Channie

Yes!!! Lol T^T

Chanyeol's smile in that picture is so funny, gosh. I'm laughing so hard

Please. We all know Chanyeol's the one for you Baekkie. Although.... I don't mind sharing.. HAHAHAHA<====THIS

Lol Baekhyun chose me over Chanyeol! I never thought this would happen 😂

Haha ^^ yes Lulu you are prettier *-*

don't worry Luhan oppa Sehun oppa will love you no matter what!

Hmmm.. caring wifeu

O_o I really hope that one day we all get to see chanbaek together like they supposed to be , holding hands freely !

belleza desde la cuna

belleza desde la cuna

Kris hahaha

Kris hahaha >>> why did y'all kick out mah Boi Tao for? He makes Sehun so happy. I miss the happy baby ;

Quando Deus me botou nesse mundo ele não disse que eu ia sofrer por c… #humor # Humor # amreading # books # wattpad

E Os Namoradinho?

This made me laugh a lot harder than it should have.I just keep thinking of Chen actually scream when they do this

asian, exo, and chanyeol image

Hahahaha this is not exactly how the hole mature and manly thing works Baekhyun xD

Excuse me while I go cry into he corner | exo meme | kpop meme

how the actual fuck did he remember that when signing in