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Before the days of DVR, the world seemingly stopped for the finale of a beloved TV series. Here are the 15 most watched series finales of all time.


: “ “During my first or second episode, it was raining hard - big puddles all over the Warner Bros. lot and the girls - Courteney, Jen and Lisa - had to go and play in the puddles.

The Long-Awaited Friends Reunion Is Happening!

It's Another Nearly All White Oscars for 2016

"How you doin'?"

TV posters -Friends posters: Friends poster featuring the Friends characters sharing milkshake. This Friends poster features all the main characters;

Monica Geller Style Girls Sweater. Just over a week ago we launched a replica of Rachel Green’s ‘Girls’ baseball tee. This week we’re pleased to announce the arrival of its twin! A replica of the 'Girls’ sweater worn by Monica Geller in Friends is now available at Zealo YAAAAAAAS

Monica's Girls Sweater

Varsity baseball style Girls sweatshirt, replica of the one worn by the character Monica Geller on Friends.

"Friends" in 1994. Ugh. How great would it be to have a signed copy of this?

History - In the sitcoms started to change how people watched TV. It also changed how people dressed because they wanted to be like the people that they were watching.

Ross and Rachel

Ross Gellar and Rachel Green Friends Despite all their ups and downs, significant others, apartment shifts, and hairdos, Ross (David Schwimmer) has been in love with Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) since Day One.

The series that made her rich and famous: Kudrow with (clockwise from bottom_ David Schwim...

Lisa Kudrow, 52, on Beverly Hills dinner date with spouse Michel Stern

Umas das primeiras fotos deles juntos!! Primeiro dia de gravação

After being cast in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the trio of Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, and Rupert Grint posed for publicity photos.

a year in the life by Celia Kaspar

This show is so light-hearted but also dramatic at times, I literally started watching because Jared Padelecki was in it. now I hate his character haha