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The Art of ‘The Witness’ – Art of Luis

For 4 years I worked with Jonathan Blow on the art of The Witness. If you’ve played the game, you will know how interconnected the art was to the game design.

The Witness by Thekla, Inc.

One of best games is now coming to Xbox One

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'The Witness' Art Dump - polycount

For the last 4 years I've been working with Jonathan Blow on 'The Witness' as a senior artist.

Kazuo Oga - Поиск в Google

Started thinking about all these Kazuo Oga and decided to try my own so I started making brushes and realized like many of us, its always been my dream to be able to paint like him.

Gamasutra - The Witness artist reminds us to keep it simple, stupid

To evoke emotions through art, in games or anything else, you have to break down your medium, says The Witness artist and Twelve Minutes developer Lui