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My kids would love this! And then try to figure out how to make it :) Lego my teapot! Assemblage / Collage, Mixed Media "Toy Pot" Ok don't wanna bother you. Have a good day daddy.


Art No Longer Available

View Finn Stone’s Artwork on Saatchi Art. Find art for sale at great prices from artists including Paintings, Photography, Sculpture, and Prints by Top Emerging Artists like Finn Stone.

Lego Lightbulb.... Bright ideas start here. Inspire you kids to imagine it and then build it!

~(The Look Of Inspiration, Creativity, And Ideas)~ Lego Lightbulb. Bright ideas start here. Inspire you kids to imagine it and then build it!

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Funny pictures about Lego Milhouse. Oh, and cool pics about Lego Milhouse. Also, Lego Milhouse photos.

This candy dispenser provides a fun way to get a delicious sweet treat. A simple slider mechanism doles out the goods and the top has an easy-release lid. The Lego ...

Lego Candy Dispenser

Instructions for building a Lego gumball dispenser - new project for me and my boy!

LEGO Toothbrush Holder | A Perfect Fit: 7 Practical Ways to Use LEGOs in Your Home Decor - Yahoo Shine

11 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism All Day Long

Lego shoes

If your kids have outgrown Lego and you have tubs and tubs of those little building blocks sitting in your basement, why not put them to good use?

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50 Incredible Examples of Lego Creations and Artwork

We've all played with lego. I love lego, but the extent of my designs are block houses and block cars. However, artist Nathan Sawaya, also known as “Brick Artist

New Kittens On The Blocks: The Top 10 LEGO Cats

New Kittens On The Blocks: The Top 9 LEGO Cats

ok, this is just ridiculously cute. a little calico kitten with a pink nose, and little whiskers. all made out of white, grey, and bronze colored lego blocks. it's Lego Kitty Poo!

LEGO: Donut with Sprinkles by Bruce Lowell

The Miniature LEGO Realism of Bruce Lowell * the most healthy doughnut ever

How to Build LEGO Dogs

LEGO Dog Building Instructions

LEGO Dog Building Instructions - Frugal Fun For Boys LEGO Dogs - Building Instructions!

Meet Bobby the Robin Red Breast, the fourth in my British Birds Series.  Robins are my favourite bird and a very good friend of mine. I am a gardener and tree surgeon so I'm lucky to have frequent visits from these friendly little fellas, especially when I'm digging. I love their song and the way they land on my garden tools. One actually landed on my foot recently. They are the friendliest bird around and are rewarded for it by me with plenty of worms :-)

As you can tell from the numerous LEGO-related posts that we have done, we are rather big fans. Now on to more LEGO things.how awesome are these LEGO birds by