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Oyster bar, Grand Central Station

GRAND CENTRAL OYSTER BAR is a very special location with, surprisingly, very special oysters. Don't feel like a jerk tourist it's worth it.

empire state building

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Empire State Building - Manhattan, New York City, USA, the Art Deco skyscraper is New York's most popular landmark and a symbol for the American way of life, rose during the Great Depression to the then tallest building in the world

Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York City | @Andrea Thorp Taylor + Leisure #OystersRockefeller

Snippets of people at the bar : short stories. ----Grand Central Oyster Bar & Restaurant in New York City

A rare moment when Grand Central Station is empty. Photo by Sumit Arora

Grand Central Station - New York - Stayed at the Roosevelt across the street. This was "our station" for the week.

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