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I love it!!!!!!

"I don't have to smoke weed to have a good time. But I always have a good time when I smoke weed.

Stoner couple

Post with 15562 views. If she roll a good blunt, wife that bitch

Look at these colours...

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This One's For The Stoners! The Best 4/20 Weed Jokes and Memes Online

Yeaa really. you cant always blame someone or something

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To al the haters,bitches. M too high to care abt ur bulshit.

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I hate people who tell stories and hold the blunt so long it goes out or they smoke half of it.

My Favorite Thing To Do Sober: Get High! From RedEyesOnline.com


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!!!!! exactly! i know i can't escape my reality, that's just common sense. stoners, where yall attt

I don't smoke weed to escape reality. I do to enjoy reality even more.