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Firestar and Sandstorm with their kits Squirrelkit and Leafkit!

the Leader's Family, Firestar (leader of Thunderclan), Sandstorm (warrior of Thunderclan and Firestar's mate), Squirrelkit (will be known as Squirrelflight) and Leafkit (will be known as Leafpool and will be Thunderclan medicine cat)

When your best friend's all strung out...(Dovewing and Ivypool) by MagickyMuffin on deviantArt

Ivypaw turns evil for visiting The Dark forest in her dreams and turns against her clan while her sister Dovepaw has Tigerheart(Shadowclan) to love.

Hollyleaf nobody

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Silverstream and Graystripe they were 1 on my favorite couples! WHY SILVERSTREAM, WHY DID U HAVE TO DIE?

20 Lazy Cats That Will Make You LOL

Draw Graystripe and Silverstream due Dec. 2 if any questions ask me and i cant wait to see the amazing drawings!

ivypool, hollyleaf, and mapleshade

Girls That Made bad decisions ivypool hollyleaf mapleshade Girls that made Bad Decisions

Ivypool | by Tusofsky

Troubled teen - All the designs I've done in alphabetical order 061 - Ivypool REDO


12 Days of Warriors Christmas by katribou on deviantART LOVE THIS! Its actually Skyclan not Cloudclan btw. Also I snorted at the brokenstar one XD

Hilarious.  Cloud paw joins thunder clan, you probably won't get it if you don't read the series. *EDIT:  Omg 78 Repins!?  Wow! I never thought it would get so much.  Can we get to 100 Repins?!  :O

Cloud paw joins thunder clan, you probably won't get it if you don't read Warriors by Erin Hunter