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Old slate stone wall with archway over wooden gate into garden Stock Photo

Dry stone walls have long been a feature of the agricultural landscape, and it is difficult to find someone who does not express an appreciation for the beauty of an old stone wall, so often covered in mosses and lichens, standing as a silent witness to times long past. Despite this appreciation, we rarely see drystone masonry in the modern American landscape, and people complain that our rural areas lack the charm of the pastoral landscapes of the Old World.

As a landscape designer, and dry stone walling enthusiast, I thought I’d make a case for restoring the practice of drystone masonry. Dry stone walls have l

A "Moon Gate." How cool would this be in your garden??

If you want a gate, might as well choose this stunning stoned moon gate.

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Drystone wall in Swaledale, near Muker, North Yorkshire, England. Gate leading through drystone wall to early summer buttercup meadows in Swaledale.