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Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt

Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt Well would you look at that, someone who writes them in character.

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In Too Deep by CaligoMWknight on DeviantArt

My first big full-tablet work I loved how the In Too Deep two-parter played out and kicked on the season three. Naturally, i just had to do this In Too Deep

Steven universe "Wanted" "The Trial". OMG!!! It was Yellow Diamond that shattered Pink Diamond and she FRAMED Rose Quarts. THIS IS CRAZY BUT IT MAKES SENCE (Steven, Steven universe, yellow diamond angry, blue diamond, zircon poofed)

She killed Pink diamond. It's pretty obvious now. But, why she did it is still a bit confusing. My thought is she wanted earth to use for building armies and colonies that would destroy the earth and Pink diamond did not agree and since it was her planet