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Ein gewaltiger Staubsturm nähert sich der Westküste von Australien.

Atemberaubendes Naturereignis vor Australiens Küste: Roter Sandsturm: Seemann macht spektakuläre Bilder

A red dust storm towers over the ocean ahead of a cyclone approaching Onslow on the Western Australian coast. Tugboat worker Brett Martin, who captured the picture 25 nautical miles from the town of Onslow.

Lenticular clouds over Mount Fuji, Japan

Funny pictures about The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan. Oh, and cool pics about The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan. Also, The amazing Mt. Fuji in Japan.

Angel cloud

Das 1414-Foto des Tages: Dieser Flieger hat Übergepäck

Rough Chinese to English translation: German physiotherapist capture fantasy photos lining the clouds like a sunrise picture eagle wings _ channel _ Xinhua. (Not sure if authentic or photoshopped.

Natur Eskalation :p

"I have set my rainbow in the clouds, and it will be the sign of the covenant between me and the earth." Genesis in the wake of destruction, God is still there! Tornado sucks up rainbow

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angels leave cloud formation of their shape as a sign and confirmation they heard your prayer and are watching over you!


Here's an email we received from Denise Rabon, whose 16 year old daughter, Angel, went to be with the Lord on July God is good! I wanted to share this with you guys. Angel’s cousin left .


That is amazing! Looks almost like there is a monstance on both upper and lower wings. What beautiful gifts from Heaven! Thank You Angels in Heaven and thank You God The Father!

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islamic-art-and-quotes: “ La Ilaha IllAllah on Clouds “لا إله إلا الله” “ La ilaha illallah None deserves worship but God.