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Angel cloud

Das 1414-Foto des Tages: Dieser Flieger hat Übergepäck


It's a busy week for divine cloud sightings in and around England. Not long after Jesus' face was spotted above the English Channel, this angelic cloud appeared in Sidmouth (a coastal town near the English Channel, by coincidence).

Eine unglaubliche Roll Cloud beherrscht den Himmel über dem Haus des Fotografen in Australien. Roll clouds treten vor Sturmfronten auf.

The roll cloud is a subtype of arcus cloud - the funnel is horizontal and does not connect to the ground.The other subtype of arcus is a shelf cloud, which also often appear to precede storm fronts.

Unique Horse Shaped Cloud!!! Bebe'!!!     Awesome!!!

stallion in the sky, wow hmmm, jesus comes back riding a white horse, maybe this is a sign to wake people up? is that a invisible rider on that horse, you can see an out line image

Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds in thick Cirrus in Jervis Bay, Australia by Giselle Goloy


Cirrus Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds - These slim, horizontal spirals tend to dissipate quickly after their initial formation making observation difficult.

So ein Feuerball

So ein Feuerball

Incredible Fireball Cloud Spotted Over Portugal’s Madeira Island