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I completely agree. 100% Please someone!! It's the END of 2017 already!!

Good thing thy aren't sending another expedition to the moon, then

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Are there invisible mountains in your life you unnecessarily fly around? Chat in the comments !

i legit thought about this post today while walking up the stairs at my school. I haven't seen this post for months wtf

On exposure: | 23 Times Cats Were The Absolute Best Part Of Tumblr

23 Fucking Funny Tumblr Posts About Cats

I'm not sure how accurate this is, because I've seen the exact same thing with British and Irish

haha, I love the comment "Because they are blocking freedom".now let me tell you bought hetalia

This image was shared via LOL Pics

This image was shared via LOL Pics<< I actually read things like this in a monotone voice, save for periods and commas.

Neko Atsume, Come for the cats, stay for the cats, no plot needed!

Neko Atsume, Come for the cats, stay for the cats, no plot needed!>>>>I have no idea what neko atsume is but who cares because cat

Because half of the time Americans and Brits are speaking a completely different language.