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This anatomical illustration of a dog's muscles is great for a veterinarian business card. It emphasizes the medical viewpoint of vet care & the serious side of complexity of veterinary medicine.

painting1.jpg (640×487)

painting1.jpg (640×487)

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer (1802-1873) - Study of a Dog

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer - Study of a Dog

Se algum dia na escola você imaginou como seria a anatomia de seres extraordinários, provavelmente irá gostar do trabalho de Masao Kinoshita.

Anatomia Fantástica. Conheça mais sobre o trabalho de Masao Kinoshita

Masao Kinoshita 40 Hybrid anatomical sculptures by MASAO KINOSHITA Upper Playground sculptures masao kinoshita japanese gods godlike dimension citrus report anatomical alien

Anatomía del caballo

This photo shows different views of a horse's anatomy. It goes from skeletal to muscular to normal views.


theladyintweed: “ Sir Alfred James Munnings ” Sidney Webster Fish on a Dark Bay by Sir Alfred James Munnings

Edwin Henry Landseer Sleeping Bloodhound  1835

Artwork page for ‘Sleeping Bloodhound’, Sir Edwin Henry Landseer, exhibited 1835