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Wtf is with this whitewashing tho?? Where's his melanin??? << Exactly!! I hate this! Only vampires are THIS white... I want to see natural skin tones, whatever they are!! Hear this, kpop: We like natural! Beige, tan, warm dripping caramel.. #BringBackMelanin #MelaninIsCool #OppaIsNotAVampire

Welcome to FY!PERFORMANCEUNIT, dedicated to Seventeen's choreography subunit. Performance Unit consists of leader Hoshi, and members Jun, and Dino. We hope to provide you updates regarding the unit, as well as each individual member.


SEVENTEEN - Woozi "At the moment I got caught while taking photos secretly, a work of art created"

Woozi // Seventeen

Let’s not forget this day in woozi’s life because he looked damn fine~