The New Book by Harold Harvey

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Sir Alfred James Munnings Reading, Dame Laura Knight. English Impressionist Painter (1877 - 1970)

Harold Knight (English portrait, genre and landscape painter) 1874 - 1961 Alfred Munnings reading, ca.

Чтение как наказание / Newtonew: новости сетевого образования

Чтение как наказание / Newtonew: новости сетевого образования

1816 portrait of Étienne Maurice Gérard, comte Gérard (4 April 1773 – 17 April 1852) by Jacques-Louis David (1748–1825) Met. Museum, NY

General Étienne-Maurice Gérard Marshal of France, Jacques-Louis David, 1816

Thomas Sergeant Perry - Lilla Cabot Perry Painting

Portrait of Thomas Sergeant Perry, 1889 - Lilla Cabot Perry (American,

Platt Powell Ryder - By the Hearth

Platt Powell Ryder (American painter, By the Hearth 1881 Enoch Wood Perry (American painter, Saturday Afternoon .

In The Celler Window, 1914, William Brymner. Canadian (1855 - 1925)

In the Cellar Window, 1914 by William Brymner born December 1855 in Greenock (Scotland), UK died June 1925 in Wallesey (England), UK, lived in Canada