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Just look at us

Just look at us

Quotes explain how we feel about adulting because picutres are easier. If you're an adult, who loves sarcasm and understands life, you need this.

39 Hilarious Quotes

39 Hilarious Quotes

Use words like "You pass Target on your left, then take a right at the CVS" LANDMARKS people!


Beer before liquor, never sicker. Toothpaste before orange juice, dead. Haha thus the reason I rarely drink orange juice I about died!

I Will Totally Judge You Based On Your Choice Of Breakfast Cereal

I will totally judge you based on your choice of breakfast cereal you unfrosted weirdo.


I really laughed out loud on this one! This skinny girl just told me she "forgets" to eat? I just licked her face in case it's contagious ~ Joke All You Can

Purple Clover

"Based on the amount of laundry, I'm going to assume that there are people living here I've never seen yet." Lol so true