I would like to think I will die a heroic death but it's more likely I'll trip over my dog and choke on a spoonful of frosting. [substitute "peanut butter" for frosting!

Hot mess

I'll See Your Hot Mess & Raise You A Walking Disaster.lol Crowley Lee I win!

I NEVER forget to eat, but I definitely have days where I have eleven breakfasts and night lunch.


Kids' toys should come with better warning labels like, "Loud as Hell",and "No Off Switch", & Requires 217 batteries.

.All day, every day. People should really understand it's not for their enjoyment, it's for mine. :P

Well I sing in the shower only. My bathroom is frozen themed. I sing in my room. Only we have a poster, a frozen poster, and a tangled poster. If you really think about it I sing around disney characters so yea.

My birthday is Sunday and I already feel Smonday kicking in!

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