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Avengers superheroes and great parents

avengers men and babies. RDJ looks so unimpressed 😂 and I can't get over tom he looks so happy


An army of Tom Hiddleston's would be heaven. how many times could he duplicate?

The reason there is a website titled "Tom sits like a whore."

The reason there is a website titled "Tom sits like a whore."<<well that's sounds weird.

#LokiLove... #Loki's Army #Hiddlestoners... My gosh, we've taken over the world.

Tom Hiddleston being compassionate about The Avengers villain, Loki :D


The Marvel Chris Vault. Has to be a thing. I apparently have a thing for guys named Chris.

I freakin love this :D

Bromance between Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth . Can I get one that says "I love you both" ?Tom Hiddleston and Chris Hemsworth . I love their friendship

So accurate it hurts the only thing I'd change is Mr attractiveness be tony stark but otherwise perfect

Marvel characters and their real names. - agree with every name but Thor's I like them both the same. :) << finally someone who doesn't like Loki more than Thor! But yeah, these are great. Especially "Jedi master" and "Queen of Marvel"

don't mess with him

I love Robert's face. He's just like "I cannot believe you said that to MY pure, innocent, little Tom! You will die." I love these two for the fact that Tom is known for being super nice and RDJ is, well, RDJ (HE IS MY FAVE!

Tom talks about the Thor vs. Loki promo and pushing a little girl. // We knew it