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Manufraktur (Peter Tscherkassky, 1985)

Peter Tscherkassky, Manufrakur, film re-animated found footage in the spirit of challenging classical Hollywood narrative and visual composition. Using film itself to intervene with Hollywood conventions of storytelling and visual representation.

Third part of Tscherkassky's Cinemascope Trilogy.

Dreamwork (Peter Tscherkassky, Third part of Tscherkassky's Cinemascope Trilogy.

Please seek out viewing Peter Tscherkassky's work in it's intended film viewing form.    Outer Space

Outer Space An avant garde short film from Peter Tscherkassky. Displaying truly incredible film editing techniques and. yes its supposed to look like it was put through a meat grinder then fed into a pain amplifier.

Strip Tease: Peter Tscherkassky and The Exquisite Corpus By Daniel Kasman Originally published in Cinema Scope 63 (Summer 2015). Sex seems the inevitable returning controversy du jour at the Festival de Cannes, every couple years another auteur revealing some supposedly new transgression set to scandalize an international press corps wholly ignorant that, outside their bubble, [...]

MUBI Notebook: 'Strip Tease: Peter Tscherkassky and "The Exquisite Corpus"'

Instructions for a Light and Sound Machine (2005)

Instructions for a Light & Sound Machine (Peter Tscherkassky,

PRIZMA » Mágikus bizsergések szemtájékon – 2015 legjobb avantgárd filmjei

Peter Tscherkassky - The Exquisite Corpus (Fragmento)