Sandalphon, Angel of New Life by on @DeviantArt

Sandalphon, Angel of New Life

Releasing the second element to his year-long Zodiac project, Xan Griffin captures his experiences with those who identify as a Cancer sign in the synonymous single “Cancer” featuring E…

Peter Mohrbacher

Peter Mohrbacher


Verchiel, Angel of Leo - (Limited Edition)

Waxman by Travis Anderson

Another being in my living string project. This started out as a anatomy practice and transformed/ evolved. The Wax men are the oldest of the living string. Bleached white and silent they scavenge from the threads who have been cut and add to themselves.


Suchlaph, Angel of Verdancy ---- The wind passes the grass in waves, carrying with it the seed of growth. Plantlife seeks the sky and with it the dominion of Suchlaph expands.

Malahidael, Angel of Aries, Peter Mohrbacher on ArtStation at

Malahidael, Angel of Aries, Peter Mohrbacher on ArtStation at

Zachriel - Angel of Memory, Peter Mohrbacher on ArtStation at

"Zachriel - Angel of Memory" by PeteMohrbacher on DeviantArt (from the Angelarium series: angels as they should be)

Même si nous vous avions déjà parlé de Peter Mohrbacher en 2011, nous ne pouvons pas résister à l’envie de partager avec vous ses plus récentes créations. Cet illustrateur basé à Chicago a un univers bien à lui. On découvre de nombreuses créatures au design très intéressant, tels que des géants se mêlant totalement à […]

Les illustrations étranges de Peter Mohrbacher

Keter Art by Peter Mohrbacher Part of the Tree of Life for Angelarium. A surreal series of character portraits based on the Kabbalah.

Bezaliel, Angel of Shadow — Angelarium

Bezaliel, Angel of Shadow