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A very pretty Xerx-nii~ 😄

A very pretty Xerx-nii~

A very pretty Xerx-nii~ 😄

Vos plus belles images de Pandora Hearts - Page 2

pandora hearts/ Elliot/ Leo/ piano/ book/ pocket watch/ flowers/ music sheet/ musical notes/ ribbon/ back to back/ smiling

Pandora Hearts | Oz Vessalius - Elliot Nightray - Leo Baskerville - Alice Baskerville - Gilbert Nightray / Baskerville

Elliot and Oz both dream of becoming knights, but with different mission: Oz's mission is to save Alice while Elliot's is to.

948x762 262kB

Beware of Pandora Hearts fan art because yes I can mwahaha Here's Alice and Papa Levi(Le-vy) I messed up with Alice lol Someone please expla. PH: your responsibility

Xerxes Break, Pandora Hearts, Fan Art, Fandom, Fanart, Fandoms

PH: noble little brother by Zencelot.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Elliot + Gilbert *edit* Add Vince ------------------------------------------------------ Pandora Hearts © Mochizuki Jun Art © by me PH: noble little brother

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