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Eto | Tokyo Ghoul

Eto Yoshimura

In Tokyo Ghoul:re chapter Eto revealed that she's a ghoul to the whole world. She also announced the arrival of a new One-Eyed King who is not herself.

#Tokyo Ghoul

#Tokyo Ghoul

Наталья Нихай

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my favorite anime is tokyo ghoul (big suprise right) but also persona 4 the golden animation

Ken Kaneki- Tokyo Ghoul root A. The first episode is how the first season should've ended.

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also cry until you can't physically cry so you just hurt and slowly and painfully die inside.

Tokyo Ghoul Art

Tokyo Ghoul Art

Tokyo Ghoul Art OK guys I swear today I'm going to start watching this and finish season 2 of attack on titan

Tokyo Ghoul | Toukyou Kushu - Kaneki Ken

black_sclera eyepatch hair_over_one_eye hood hood_down hoodie kagune_(tokyo_ghoul) kaneki_ken looking_at_viewer mask red_eyes short_hair solo tokyo_ghoul white_hair