means lioness in German. It is related to the Chronicles of Narnia quote: if you were any braver, you?d be a lioness. It reminds my on my tough time during my stay in the US

After the Storm by Mumford & Sons.

From Mumford and Son lyrics. Mumford and Son are my jams! And their lyrics mean so much to me.

All types of skulls - I love this! Maybe not the placement, but still a great idea!

Knochenarbeit – Knuckle Tattoos

All of these skulls are made on left hands knuckle. There is four different types of skull. The leftmost skull is human, and other three are animals skulls. Looks a bit creepy!

Ideen für kleine und individuelle Tattoos (für Frauen und Männer) 2/2 - HYYPERLIC

Could be an idea for a tattoo but not exactly like this. Past and Future tattoo