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AQHA Blue Roan Stallion - Recherche Google

Blue roan quarter horse stallion with a real horsehair tail, just not his own .

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a palomino or appaloosa? Not quite sure, but one heck of a gorgeous animal. This is a Liver-Chestnut Paint and Remarkably Beautiful. It's actually a bay paint.

Close your eyes and ride,and you will beleve your flying. Close your eyes while riding and you will definitely be flying!

Appaloosa. (Wow! Looks like some delectable chocolate ice-cream! :)

Knabstrupper Heartbreaker in action. Gorgeous horse, but does anyone else see the puppy face on his haunch?

Black horse with blue eyes!

"Thee Panther" stunning black Araloosa (part Arabian/part Appaloosa) stallion - photo by Snowgum Arabians Beautiful!

SHOWLINE ROMEO --STUD FOR THE TIGER HORSE BREED --Tiger horses are gaited, spotted horses with a coat color much like the Appaloosa. The tiger horse can exhibit various ambling gaits including various lateral gaits called the "glider gait" or Indian shuffle, stepping pace, and running walk, as well as the diagonal fox trot. Registered horses must exhibit gaits without artificial aids and while flat-shod.

The Appaloosa Patterned Gaited Horse (APGH). Tiger Horse (Can exhibit various ambling gaits, and has a coat pattern much like an Appaloosa)

In celebration of Kentucky Derby Day, Grabberwocky presents: The Most Gorgeous Horses of Different Colors You've Ever Seen. Enjoy the beauty of these.

Cheyenne's Gold, dark palomino pinto Saddlebred

Cheyenne's Gold, dark palomino pinto Saddlebred - This was one of my Dream Horses when I was a kid.

*Khadraj is the ALL-TIME leading living sire of Western Pleasure Horses.

Stallion Name: Khadraj NA Sire: Ponomarev Dam:Khatreena NA Year Color:Chestnut Breeding: Purebred Arabian Owned by:Jerland Farm *Khadraj is the ALL-TIME leading living sire of Western Pleasure Horses.