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French Raku Studio “la porte du soleil” http://www.veniceclayartists.com/french-studio-la-porte-du-solei/

The ancient Japanese practices of Raku are still honored in their courses. For example in the creation of the Japanese tea ceremony bowls ( chawan ) irregular, uneven, flawed, sometimes rough form is encouraged to enhance there organic charm.

kintsugi~the Japanese art of repairing that which is broken with gold

Kintsugi (golden joinery) Japanese art of repairing damaged pottery w/ gold. Restores functionality to a broken vessel; also adds beauty & worth. Turns brokenness into the most valuable part of the piece.

Joanna Pike Ceramics: Five More  bowl by Lucie Rie

Dame Lucie Rie, stoneware bowl with yellow glaze to interior and exterior, manganese glazed rim. Impressed Lr seal mark, with repairs,.

Artist's Images: Nicola Richards

Studio Pottery: Passionate About Contemporary Ceramics