Donkey tail in head planter, talk about a perfect balance with the plants and planter! Cathy T #facepots

Verde na cabeça! Vasos para plantas + Pesquisa de Mercado + Street Art

Donkey tail in head planter, talk about a perfect balance with the plants and planter! Cathy T - Gardening Go

Now here's a bright idea: Using old light bulbs as hanging planters either indoors or out.

15 Upcycled Planters Turn Trash into Treasure

upcycled light bulb vases can be made from your old bulbs while replacing them with new eco lights.


little wooden box with succulent plants. I have to do this, I am so good at growing and propagating succulents. You can do this with old cigar boxes!

"Pass me the Miracle Grow, Fred."

The coolest application for a "chia pet" that I've ever seen. Beautiful succulent hair for these beautiful ceramic busts. /// via Oh Joy.

Announcing the BUST Magazine Craftacular at Basilica Hudson!

Buddha Head Planter Small by brooklynglobal on Etsy makes a great addition to your Batch Yard apartment

Drop of water

dripping faucet I'm so doing this in my yard. it won't be a working faucet so no need to have it tapped into the water line. just a pipe and faucet from the hardware store and a crystal from the craft store, and an old bucket from the thrift shop.

No yard? No problem. Anyone with a sunny windowsill, patio, or balcony can cultivate greenery. Check out these easy container garden ideas.         Moss Gardens     The woodland near Martha's home in Maine is lush with mosses, lichens, and ferns, which she pots in decorative containers. Later, everything is returned to the outdoors. It's one of our favorite container garden ideas!          

11 Creative Container Garden Ideas

Idea for cut logs.drill out with hole saw, plant moss, ferns or even hostas. Place in shady garden nook. I hate Martha Stewart but damn she has got some great ideas

Succulent ideas

The Ultimate Last Minute Garden Lover Gift —studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration and ideas Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Inspiration. Love the Yorkie in with them!

123 Cool Ideas Make Enchanted Succulent Garden on Backyard - Coo Architecture

valentine's wishlistfriday finds so far and a big ballard designs sale!the big announcement!BIG announcement on the blog tomorrow!!! Aaand the bachelor...bistro chairs for the blue and white bash!- Shell and Chinoiserie

Resin Giant Clam Shell from Ballard Designs. Short of finding one on the beach, this is the next best thing. Bring a little Lotusland into your garden or on your porch.

Cush and Nooks: Thrill, Fill & Spill

Container Gardening 101 - One of the more educational and informative articles on containers and simple/small gardening!

Garden head surrounded by hens and chicks by april

garden head with hen and chicks 35 Indoor And Outdoor Succulent Garden Ideas - plants that might have a chance on my patio outdoor

She Grabs A Drill And Makes Several Holes In A Tree Stump. The Result? Simply Gorgeous | facebook

5 Cost-Effective Organic Gardening Tricks for a Rewarding Harvest

10 Unique Succulent Containers An Old Dying Tree Have an old tree stump? Why not put it to some good use as a natural planter and a source of compost!