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Wish we could wake from this bad dream

Every day I have lost four family members in six mounts I just wish it was all a bad dream. Why me first my cousin then my Uncial next my dad lastly my great Grandpal I have a ruff life

It hurts but this is so right. I cherish what he's given me. Love & miss u dad.

You can shed tears that he is gone, or you can smile because he has lived. Love and miss you brother

20 Grief Quotes for Coping with Great Loss

The biggest understatement in the world.

I miss you.and its not something I cant deny,I will always be passionate about the things i love in life.i still pray every night that someway,somehow.we will cross paths again,and just stare at each other for a moment,before i gently say you're name

So true. Missing my son so very much.

So true. Missing my son so very much.