From hipster Jon Snow to friendzone Jorah Mormont, we love these GoT memes

35 Hilarious Game Of Thrones Memes


Tattooed Game of Thrones - Hilary Heffron. Why the hell does Jon Snow have the Targaryen crest on his shoulder? ----UPDATE: finished season nowwwww it makes sense!

Quando alguém diz: É, você tinha razão

...alguém que eu tô a fim me elogia. - comoeumesintoquando

E se cenas clássicas de Game of Thrones virassem publicidade?

E se cenas clássicas de Game of Thrones virassem publicidade?

good guy joffrey

By all reports a delightful man and certainly a powerful actor, and he spontaneously uses "gender normative" in a sentence . You go, sir!

If Game of Thrones took place entirely on Facebook - The Season 4 Finale. | GoT Recap Season 4 | Happy Place

Check out last week's Game of Thrones.See all recaps for Seasons 3 and 4 here.(written by Jake Currie, Johnny McNulty, Jason Mustian, Bob Powers; Designed by Cole Mitchell).

Name of Thrones...this actually helps me keep the insane amount of characters in these books straight...

Name of Thrones

GOT funnies

Funny pictures about Well done Lena Headey. Oh, and cool pics about Well done Lena Headey. Also, Well done Lena Headey.

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