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Small White Crocheted Rubber Bowl - Gretel

small crocheted rubber bowl in white - wit - gehaakt

crochet bowl - Google-søgning

Home Styling / Crochet rubber basket

Triangle Bowl in Green

Triangle Bowl in Green by Hannie Goldgewicht (Ceramic Bowl

Triangle Bowl in Green: Hannie Goldgewicht: Ceramic Bowl - Artful Home

Nada mejor que un lugar donde poner el ovillo y...simplemente...tejer y tejer. Como algo tan...

Red Simple Modern Ceramic Wheel Thrown Yarn Bowl by NewMoonStudio, via Etsy. things-i-love

Coffee, Image, Coffee Cafe, Kaffee, Cup Of Coffee, Java

Natural wool wall hanging on driftwood black by HollinTextiles

Natural wool wall hanging on driftwood (black warp

Natural wool wall hanging on driftwood black by HollinTextiles

Bubble Bowl - Greeblehaus

Bubble Bowl

clay bubble bowl, big kids can make this on a smaller scale than usual, - then it all comes down to the painting and finishing of it, paint it solid then distress with watered down paint

Heart Yarn Bowl / Knitting / Crochet / Needlecrafts by LASpottery

Heart Yarn Bowl / Knitting / Crochet / Needlecrafts

Yarn bowl with a bamboo handle - how smart!

White wax stamp - old becomes new again.

white wax on white paper - one of Clarimonde's invisible notes? An invitation? Photo by Ashley Skjaveland

CREATIVE LIVING from a Scandinavian Perspective: DIY: Things to make from paper. PappersPyssel

These baskets are handmade from recycled paper by artisans at Best Before in Paris. Corinne Muller and Piotr Oleszkowicz from Best Before breathe new life into the ancient Korean craft of paper weaving and knotting.

this is the solution ive been looking for!

Crochet stool cover

crochet IKEA stool cover by lacasadecoto


cable knit cozy mug (leif shop)

"Medici white"

White on white string

CraftedSystems is a Portland-based company run by designer Aurelie Tu in collaboration with the YWCA. The pieces are all hand-interlocked with 7 shapes, no glue, no stitching, etc.


Really beautiful new felt products from Aurelie Tu: Crafted Systems bowls, place mats, table runners, lights, and rugs.

Crochet Crochet lounge by Ruth Fore furniture 2

Aluminium Wire Crochet Crochet Seating by Ruth Fore

hi,i'm a knitter,and this picture makes my heart beat faster :)

Koigu's KPM, merino wool ~ the purl bee