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Actor will tackle role as his Sherlock co-star Martin Freeman plays same character on West End stage

Off to my mind palace...

Sherlock Holmes and his thinking pose

BBC, Sherlock

The train of thought as you watch the fist Sherlock episode "A Study in Pink"


He's so good as Sherlock!

Why, Why he is stunningly beautiful

Sherlock-such a beautiful face!

We got a couple more for ya! Of COURSE some of them are weird, but I think our other ones gave you a good dose. But here they are. ( *whispers* they're beautiful....)

17 MORE Wholock Gifs That We're Glad Exist

(gif) The Sherlock fandom strikes again. Fandom level: beyond the point of no return

Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes,   He looks so young

Why are you so gorgeous Benedict?

Las hartas imágenes del Benito Cumberbatch 😍😜

Look at that body -- and the hair! Omg so fluffeh!

“I don’t think there’s a man on earth who looks like Benedict  Cumberbatch. Not a single one."

huge Sherlock fan, this term is often used in my house-by me- so I thought it was funny :D

Smiles overload. sources:

What continues to amaze me is how you can tell instantly if this is Ben or Sherlock.he may be dressed as Sherlock.but this gif is all Ben. Just amazing how he can create the persona of someone completely different.

Sherlock, pilot.

candle for the table

(*) Twitter

(*) Twitter


I believe in Sherlock Holmes.<<- They had better make season 5 or I don't know what I'll do! << the Sherlock Fandom has officially been on hiatus for 281 days as of October 2017 so let's hope season 5 comes before anyone dies

omg his FACE!! (This is true though!)

His rude face is too cute :) I am loving Sherlock.

Is this what it feels like to be under Sherlock’s deduction gaze? Woah no wonder people are throwing themselves at him or terrified of him. This…this is just…wow… He just deduced the pants right off of me. His eyes are so gorgeous.