Overwatch hero counters

Overwatch Hero Counters

And for Bastion, Pharah to duck in and out of cover while firing rockets, widow or Hanzo to snipe where the fire can't accurately hit you, or roadhog who can pull him out of the formation with his hook

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Overwatch's Secret Story Behind Mercy and Genji

Genji was made him better in so many ways. View "Overwatch's Secret Story Behind Mercy and Genji" and more funny posts on Dorkly

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Omg Genji is using Naruto’s catch phrase Also, if you use auto-correct if you type ‘Naruto’ it shows this emoji 🍥 which is his signature topping in his ramen

Wholesome Overwatch Moments and Memes

My brother did this once, but it was actually really funny. He started repairing his turret, but he was getting shot, so he took a step back (behind a building) and kept killing people---> *Sigh*

The untold truth of Mei..

The untold truth of Mei..

The untold truth of Mei. (haha this is a good one my brother thought Mei was fat too) I knew better (ʃƪ¬‿¬).

cute mercy genji overwatch

Overwatch support mercy zenyatta - I can guarantee that this is exactly what happens when support heroes come together (Blueberry Muffin)