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Hermione's and harry

*Let's not forget Ron practically sobbing at this part in the book because he couldn't get to her. SHOULD'VE BEEN IN THE MOVIE. In the movie he did almost nothing.And yes, this should be in the movie.


I was all for Hermione and Ron being together. However, the friendship Harry and Hermione share is such a strong, deep bond, that I feel any romantic kind of addition to that relationship would reck it.


The loneliest people are the nicest; the saddest people smile the brightest; the most damaged people are the wisest.

False. Percy and annabeth have the cutest relationship of the century. They fell down Tartarus together. To be together. Your argument is invalid.

Ron and Hermione💞 Ron and Hermione’s relationship is beautiful because they loved each other the whole time and just didn’t realize it. Same thing with Lily and James

#HarryPotter_TheOrderOfThePhoenix (2007)

From Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows - Hermione Grainger, a very brave and wise woman!<<< actually it's from the Order of the Phoenix.

"If you want to kill Harry you'll have to kill us too" Ok so it's that friendship? Their "Friendship" is amazing :) Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

Victor Krum :')

Never thought about Viktor Krum this way <- Great, now I have Krum feels.

Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger's Wedding

A tiny ball of light right here through my heart and I knew it would take me where I needed to go

I've always felt the same. That's why Draco is one of my favorite characters; so much depth that a lot of people don't see. Harry Potter

They were just boys and they were on opposite sides of the war. In the end, they were on the same side. Draco and Harry are two boys who have the same role on two sides merged to one.

Favorite Lines

"Harry Potter stars share their favorite lines in the "Not my daughter you bitch!" Is my favorite line of the whole series!

Ron and Hermione headcanons

These are my favourite headcanons, because these display properly the love of Hermione and Ron. These are probably, not only my favourite headcanons ever, but my favourite things on Pintrest ever.