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I just realized, they have matching skins. does this mean that the developers have planned this relationship o_o?

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Overwatch Outfit-Swap: Genji and Mercy [Submission by: ] I really wasn’t sure how I felt about drawing this, since Genji’s outfit is so complex, and Mercy’s wings make me nervous. It turned out being a lot of fun though!

Demand vs Priority by Vey-kun on DeviantArt

For those who don't play Overwatch, this has been a thing of a hero spamming 'I need Healing I need Healing I need Healing I nee.

dedicated-healer: “From: https://twitter.com/jonarann ”

Overwatch, i definitely ship this 😍 they are my weakness 😆 Gency: mercy and genji


Dear Hanzo - from Genji and Mercy All done! Hanzo’s reply? “Dear little brother How is it that you know where to adress these letters?