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'Schimpanse - bäh ' von Dirk h. Wendt bei artflakes.com als Poster oder Kunstdruck $18.03

Image detail for -These stories are worth a click: How do you make an ape LOL? New research suggests that non-human primates prefer slapstick humor, such as watching someone slip on a .

I come in Peace - Mandrill by Wolf Ademeit

hi human by Wolf Ademeit. The mandrill (Mandrillus sphinx) is a primate of the Old World monkey. It is ENDANGERED and rare.(Cercopithecidae) family, closely related to the baboons and even more closely to the drill.

Photos like this let you know why people still shoot in black and white.

thank you for donating to exotic animal causes. one I donate to is .world wild life . org :) I love the color detail of this leopard.

Cute Baby Orangutan

Orangutan-only approx 30 000 left in the wild because of habitat destruction for palm oil! We need EVERYONES help to save these gorgeous species and the only way how, is us!