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that's life...choices whichever way you go! make the one that works for you!!!

Im gonna find ya. Im gonna get cha get cha get cha get cha one way. Maybe next week. Im gonna find ya. Im gonna gey cha. Ill get cha

Como será a cidade do amanhã? Esses especialistas te contam - EExpoNews

The future is yours. it's up to you to make it what you want. “The consequences of today are determined by the actions of the past. To change your future, alter your decisions today.” ~ Anonymous The future is yours, you have to make it what you want.

This Song= :) All smiles :)

Craft idea for an unused Atlas, Fleetwood Mac Lyric- dare you to read this without singing the song in your head

por vezes não é tão bom como parece =) o estranho é que nem sinto desilusão... foi apenas mais uma tentativa, mas a companhia foi ... assim... mais ou menos! A foto ficou bonita e tudo... mas...vai ser feliz para longe, tá????

A Simple word that a lot of people have trouble saying! Could save you from a lot of pain,!:)) ~a brilliant word!

10 Things That Truly Passionate People Do Differently

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play the laughter; pause the memories; stop the pain; rewind the happiness -- live life


"I'll stop wearing black when they invent a darker color." LOL I wear black ALL the time LOVE it

Really; sometimes, that's the best we can do.

"Let’s make better mistakes tomorrow." Let’s be the boss. Let’s take the boss down. Let’s order too much of something just to see where our limits are. Let’s take a chance precisely because it might fail.

A government sign?

These hilarious photos of funny street signs are a true humor treasure. Lots of funny traffic signs, street and road names for you to enjoy