to the exe's woman, who continues to be obsessed with me? you want him you can have him!!! and quit dressing and fixing your hair like me, you freak!  is him or me you want? I just thought happens only in the movies!!! You are sick!!!

If you have been a victim of narcissistic abuse, NPD or abused by a sociopath/psychopath then you can find help here. Free yourself of the abuse with educating yourself and removing the toxic people from your life. Knowledge is power!

Not always charming, but always an asshole

Not all sociopaths are criminals, they are often someone you know. They can be quite charming in the presence of friends and coworkers but among close relationships will fly into a rage at the least little thing.

A person who never learned to TRUST ...

A person who never learned to TRUST confuses intensity with intimacy, obsession with care, and control with security. ~Patrick Carnes, psychiatrist A new way to look at my trust issues.

A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse                                                                                                                                                                                 More

A recovery from narcissistic sociopath relationship abuse. And the Narcoid will continue his pathetic act over and over and over again.

Are You a Narcissist? InfoGraphic | Psychology Today

Gosh I wish I could send this to someone who doesn't see her Narcissism!In this increasingly narcissistic age, it can be helpful to spot the narcissists in your life.